A lot about Money!

I have always liked counting my money. It can be a lot of fun for my ADHD, programmer brain. All sorts of patterns emerge and you can build cool money management things. My earliest memories of this are a part of my life that some people closest to me know about: Lil Chef’s Bakes. I […]

Dark Ages

You don’t miss the water until it’s gone. This past week has seen the most time I have spent without the internet…ish. A severed fibre optic cable took down most of the internet in several African countries. Many things can go wrong in my day, but I typically have a triple backup for my internet […]

Champagne Reflections

I’m not sure I knew what a Champagne birthday was until about a week ago. At that point, I decided, turning 29 on the 29th was definitely worth celebrating. Life is always worth celebrating. I think @Scilla got the same feeling at that time and asked: “Can we afford a $1000 dollar celebration?” We did […]